Self Improvement Techniques & Subliminal Suggestions

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A video response to a comment that was made.

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  • internetsgoldenegg says:

    Hey I really enjoyed your video. I just posted a new one you might like. I
    look forward to your next one

  • Kyle Horner says:

    The desire to improve yourself should be to improve YOUR LIFE so once you
    go your own way and loose the bullshit aspects of what you have been doing
    you can go on with your life! Excercise and be healty for example becuse
    your body and mind will serve you better and don’t forget that if you look
    good to women and yet ignore them it throws a monkey wrench into their
    entire delusion. Remember women only exist if you look at them,
    acknowledge them or help them! If you look your best and can support
    yourself yet reject their control through marriage or attachment/commitment
    then they have to construct crazier and crazier excuses to dismiss you!

  • Kyle Horner says:

    I remember the line from a an old blues song . “…….You gotta shave
    when you got birds in your beard” unless of course the birds a BGTOW (birds
    going their own way) and they grow beards and so on and so on…then you
    become a fractal going your own way/iteration….:-)

  • getparadox says:


  • Kyle Horner says:

    As the late Christopher S Hyatt used to say ” Become who you are, there are
    no guarantees ” or ” Become a work of Art”…This work of art is the
    exercise of a life lived well rather than a person lived by life especially
    men being lived by women and their “plantation” of expectations and

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