Why self-improvement books, courses and workshops haven’t transformed your life. Dr. Syme…
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10 Responses to Self Improvement Books Why They Don’t Help and What Will

  • Coherent Osin Ello says:

    D: SO TRUEEE !!!!

  • imran bob says:

    Theres no point of that link it just a book of some sort you dont need that
    much intel to self develop in my point of view if you want something you go
    out and get it and you consist and learn about it never have doubt and
    always believe that you are capable of anything thats all the whole 72 min
    book thing is just too much


    I appreciate the lens you look through. If you haven’t read The Four
    Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz I would highly recommend you to check it out.
    It touches on what Ruiz calls the process of domestication and accepting
    what the culture we’ve been domesticated through effects the life in which
    we live.

  • Deone Higgs says:

    Great video with a lot of truths…

  • imran bob says:

    But learning new self development techniques is where the self development
    literature comes into play that link you showed is just not for me

  • David Š says:

    Genius. So simple we all overlook it.

  • Jazzper79 says:

    It is really about philosophy. Ayn Rand says it all in “Atlas Shrugged” and
    in “the fountainhead”. When people abandon the mind, they will not have
    integrity. Jesper, Denmark

  • MegaNjanja says:

    you are right….but you are generalizing thinks … a bit.

  • Melanee Davis says:

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  • Anthony Tofiles says:

    i love you man

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