Simply put, self-esteem is the mental image we have of ourselves. People with a good self-image are more likely to be successful in all aspect of their lives. Their positive attitude is likely to help them in school or a work and they are more likely to develop positive relationships than people with poor self-esteem.

People who suffer from poor self-esteem often find themselves struggling to accomplish even the most simple of goals. They often feel that they are not good enough, smart enough, attractive enough or even simple just not enough. These negative thoughts can impact upon your life every day.

There is hope, though. You can develop positive self-esteem if you are willing to put the time and energy into it.

1. View mistakes as opportunities to learn something new

Try not to think of mistakes as something bad; instead take the chance to learn something new. Life itself is a process of learning and everyone, no matter how perfect they seem, can learn new things.

Why are you any different? If you make a mistake, step back from it, think about what went wrong and determine what to do to avoid the same mistake in the future.

2. Nobody is perfect, so don’t expect yourself to be

Instead of focusing solely on perfection, focus on obtainable goals. Do not limit yourself by your need to be perfect. If you enjoy running, don’t wait to enter a race until you are certain you can win; just enter the race!

3. Stop being so negative

People who suffer from low self-esteem focusing on what they think are wrong with them. Anytime you find yourself doing this, counter yourself with one positive thought. If you find yourself thinking ‘I’m too fat too fit into those jeans’, counter the thought with something like ‘I’m proud of the fact that I’ve lost three pounds – I’ll fit into those jeans in no time at all’.

Another excellent ‘positive thinking’ exercise is to write down three positive things about yourself each night. After a week or two, go back and read them; you may be surprised to read about what a great person you are!

4. Step out of your comfort zone

Let yourself out of your ‘safe’ place and try new things. Go to a new restaurant or try out a new hobby. It is a great way to find out what you are really good at (or what you really like). Take pride in that.

5. Open your mouth

Your thoughts have merit and value, so share them with others. Do not fall into the trap that your ideas or opinions are ‘dumb’ or ‘stupid.’ The next time someone asks your opinion, tell them what you really think. Even if your opinion is different to theirs, it is still valid.

6. There is no magic wand to change things

There are some things you simply cannot change. While there are some things about yourself you can change, like your weight or your personal style, there are other things that you will simply never be able to change. Instead of hating your freckles, realize they are there to stay and try to learn to love them.

These are just a few ideas you can use to improve your self-esteem; however, the most important thing you can do is remind yourself day in and day out that you are worth it, you are more than enough.

Surround yourself with positive people who love and cherish you. Find something positive about yourself with every completed activity. The more you say positive things about yourself, the easier it will be and your self-esteem and self confidence will grow and grow over time.

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Teenagers with self-esteem have the ability to try out different activities, deal with peer pressure, manage their emotions and hurdle uncertainties. When your teenager has confidence and knows how to value themselves, he will have a better outlook in life and can live independently in the future. The sad truth is there are still a lot of teenagers who lack self-esteem. If yours is suffering from this, here are tips on how to improve teenage self-esteem.  

How to Improve Teenage Self-Esteem – Respect

For your teenager to love and value himself, show him some respect when you deal with him. It is important to hear what he has to say and to know his problems, fears and emotions he is going through. Get him involved in family discussions and let him have a say. This will make him realize that you value what he thinks and says.

How to Improve Teenage Self-Esteem – Be a Role Model

Being a role model for your child will make him earn self-esteem. Show him how you deal with problems positively. When in front of others, let him see how you assert your rights in a polite way. Make him see your own confidence. He will imbibe your optimism and will learn to exert this when he is in front of other people.  If he sees you being negative, he would absorb all the pessimism and would not learn to appreciate himself.  

How to Improve Teenage Self-Esteem – Join Extracurricular Activities

Motivate your teenager to join extracurricular activities in school aside from being diligent in his academics. If he is good in sports, encourage him to participate in such. If he likes to do theater, do not discourage him from this as well. When your son has goals he has set for himself through these activities, he would start learning more about himself.  When he is with a team who shares his interest, it would teach him to value himself even more as he and his teammates work together to achieve a goal. Persuade him to join contests and competitions so that he would learn to be flexible, grateful with his triumphs and perseverant with his losses.

How to Improve Teenage Self-Esteem – Make a Journal of Affirmations

Another way how to improve teenage self-esteem is to encourage your teenager to write his positive thoughts in a journal. His strengths, successes and good traits should be written down on this journal for him to read when he feels down and scared. He can also write down the moments he felt insecure and what he did to overcome these insecurities.

How to Improve Teenage Self-Esteem – Ask Professional Advice

If you see that your teenager’s lack of self-esteem is already taking a toll on his personality, studies and relationships with people, he needs to undergo professional counseling. An expert would be able to dig down deeper into the reasons for such feelings. He would also be able to suggest a treatment or medication plan so as to address his lack of self-esteem and self-confidence. Teenagers sometimes open up more easily to non-family members.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to know more about your teenager’s feelings and thoughts. Befriending him is one way how to improve teenage self-esteem.

Rich Weissman is a featured and syndicated expert columnist on the topic of self-improvement for the Secret Enquirer. For more self-improvement tips and articles, visit now.

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