Neuro-nutrition holds surprising answers

There are some interesting new ways to improve your memory which are being discovered in the new field of nutritional neuroscience, or neuro-nutrition as we prefer to call it. Starting to think of food and food supplements as medicine is a new way to consider what we eat and there is no area to which this is more relevant than the brain. When you think about what this small organ, the size of your two fists held together, does for you it is amazing. It is the home for our personality, our thinking and problem solving skills and our memory. It is an extraordinary organ and it needs care in the same way as our bodies and hearts do. Did you know that the health of the brain is 70% to do with the environment (including the nutrients you put into it) and only 30% reliant on your genetic inheritance?

Let’s look at ways we can improve our memories and our brains.

The way you eat – the diet our ancient ancestors had is perfect for our brains, and also helps our hearts too. It makes sense when you think about it as the human body evolves steadily but slowly to be the best ‘machine’ for dealing with the environment surrounding it. Thus the ‘stone age’ diet simultaneously shaped the evolving brain at that time and also set the parameters for what the brain needed and could tolerate. Life for a human being was very different then but remained like that for many many hundreds of years until the start of large scale agriculture became the norm. Since then life has rapidly changed within a very short time span. Our bodies and brains are lagging way behind our current lifestyle. So in order to help our bodies get back to basics and thrive again we need to give them a much higher proportion of ‘stone age’ food and a lot less fast Generation Y food.

What is the Stone Age Diet

Wild game, wild fish, wild greens, fruits, berries and roots! By now our bodies have been bombarded with the newer foods such as refined grains, sugar and dairy products – not to mention alcohol and separated fats. Ooops! Doesn’t look easy for our brains to thrive on such different food. Especially when you realize that 83% of our food is ‘new’ food and 17% old. The ancient ancestors used to eat three times as many fruits and vegetables than we do and ten times as much fiber!

The biggest critical difference has been the change in the type of oils we eat. We need Omega 3 and omega 6 – but we need to have them in a roughly equal proportion. In fact what we eat is 20 times more omega 6 than omega 3. Our brain cells just cannot function well with this regime and they shut down or malfunction badly in this situation. Omega 3 oils come from wild meat, oily fish and some vegetables. Omega 6 oils come from corn oil, margarine and baked goods.

So… make these changes in your diet and take good care of your brain. It has to last you a lifetime and it will if you understand what it needs.

– Make fruit and vegetables the majority of your meals
– Eat nuts, particularly almonds and walnuts once you have checked for any allergies.
– Eat fatty fish like salmon, sardines and mackerel and of course shell fish (again checking for allergies)
– Eat game and white meat without skin.
– Don’t eat much sugar and sodium
– Don’t eat much refined food that goes through lots of processes before it ends up in a box for your microwave
– Take vitamin and mineral supplements
– Take fish oil capsules if you don’t eat fish more than twice a week.
– Unleash your Inner Ancestor and do your brain a favor!

We are a team of experienced experts in the field of psychology, brain based learning, positive mental health and human memory improvement. We are committed to bringing the highest quality information on these topics to the public. We want to help to make a positive difference to the quality of life and level of well being for everyone who wants it.

Part 2 of enhancing your memory

Remember back to that list of numbers and pictures you learnt? Can you reel them off without looking back at the other article? What picture goes with 9? Yeh! You’re right – cat. Why? Because a cat has nine lives. Brilliant. Your memory is powering up right now. We are going to take this a step further now and start pegging things onto our list.

You will now learn a technique called pegging which means that you will become able to think of your 1 to 10 list and use it as a ‘peg’ to hang a new set of information to. This will enable you to remember the new information really easily. So – what happens when you peg? You will be linking a nonsense ridiculous picture of your pre-established peg to vivid picture of what you want to remember. So that means that there are three important aspects to the pegging process

1. Vivid visualisation

2. Strong imagination

3. Action

When you are pegging you must ‘picture’ very clearly. Make it full of detail and colour. Don’t tell yourself that you cant picture because we all can. Just thinking about the scenario you have created with your imagination is ‘picturing’ it. So don’t worry if you don’t have a complete photograph in your head. 

I am repeating the importance of detail and colour. All those little bits of extra sensory information give your brain more little hooks to hang onto the information with.

You have to put action into the visualisation. Let your imagination come up with a funny, silly, ridiculous action that one of the central parts of your picture is doing. Make it fast action like running, skipping, jumping, pushing. Those are strong anchors for the image rather than using weaker ones such as sitting, talking or walking quietly. The stronger, sillier and more action oriented your picture the better. 

The more you do this technique the better your memory will become because it super charges the brain, expanding and stretching it so that it becomes capable of doing more and more. 

It is fun and it will help you relax because you know you will remember things you need to remember. As you become more relaxed and less stressed about remembering things you will find your problem solving capacity increases too. 

You may even smile more 

Take this list and peg it onto your 1 to 10 list. 

TV bag   box rug lamp pillow picture 

We are a team of experienced experts in the field of psychology,brain based learning,positive mental health and brain memory improvement. We are committed to bringing the highest quality information on these topics to the public. We want to help to make a positive difference to the quality of life and level of well being for everyone who wants it.

We all know now that the brain is an amazing tool and the message has come across loud and clear from the brain scientists that we have to keep using it – or we’ll lose it – so what can we be doing on an everyday basis to keep that brain of ours in tip top condition.

It is fairly common for us to find that we are pretty sure of what we are learning as we are listening to it or reading it. It makes sense and we understand what is going on. However within quite a short time we find that the details have faded from our short terms memories and recalling the gist of our new learning is actually quite hard. The problem is that we didn’t work at ‘filing’ the information as we were getting it. We just acted like a sponge but then the sponge dripped information right out again. What we needed to do was be far more active about sorting the information out as we received it.

For example, when you are learning something new make sure you have a block of paper and several coloured pencils so you can make notes and diagrams as you listen. With the various colours you can begin to colour code the information you are taking in – in other words you are assigning it to different mental files. You can make notes in one colour that are about aspects of the new material that you can easily link with information you already have.

Another colour might be used for any information to do with the history or principles behind the new information.

Yet another colour will be for noted about its main features or characteristics.
Another for how it can be used or what can be deduced from it
Another for what might happen in the future in relation to this topic or information

This way your new information will have been organised as you listened to a speaker or read a guidebook about it. Now when you review your notes (you do review don’t you? That is another way to keep the memory circuits working and information stored back in long term memory!) you will find it much easier to take in and recall because it is already chunked into logical pieces.

Even if you don’t make notes in this very dynamic way – which admittedly can be hard if you are at a conference and not sitting at a table – you can still use the discipline of thinking about these aspects when you are learning something new. Organising it in your head this way helps a lot. You are attaching it to things you already understand and know about and that makes remembering so much easier. The more you link up a set of new facts or concepts with what you already know the more hooks you will have to pull in the threads of information when you need to recall it. They will sit there in your unconscious until you reach into pull them through to your conscious mind.

There is no one way that is going to be the right way for everyone – each person will have their own strengths and preferred methods for getting their brain in gear. Take some time to work out your best activities and then have fun. The more fun you find doing these kind of tasks the better it will be because the level of a nice hormone called dopamine will rise in your body and you will find that you can think more creatively with this help. It is a win-win situation; you feel good and you learn well. What could be better.

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