The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis Kit: NuLife – A Complete Program of 4 CDs and Best Selling Book, “Rise&Shine: A Conscious Way of Life”

The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis Kit: NuLife - A Complete Program of 4 CDs and Best Selling Book,

  • Printed book, 8.5×11, 254 pages
  • Hundreds of famous memorable quotes compliment the text
  • Stop Procrastination subliminal audio CD
  • Attracting Infinite Riches subliminal audio CD
  • I Can Do Anything and Abundant Energy subliminal audio CDs

If you’re at a point in your life where you would like to start something new, this is the program for you. Maybe you are dissatisfied with your life after all these years, looking for a change, a new direction, but you feel like you could use a little support. You know you have the power within you. You just need to access it.

Here’s an idea. Instead of depending on others for support they may not give, discover how to unleash the power of your mind to bring about the changes you want.


List Price: $ 164.00

Price: $ 97.00

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As the author of The Last Year of Your Life and the founder of The Last Year of Your Life 52-week Experience, I have written a series of short articles to answer the many questions I get asked about how to live your life to the fullest.
In this article I answer a question that I get asked a lot, and that is, ‘Is it really possible to determine that you are going to have the most fun year of your life?’

You may have heard me say or read one of my other articles where I say that the purpose of The Last Year Of Your Life is to do two things:
1. To bring out what is most special and unique about you so that you can create your legacy.
and 2. to have the most fun you can possibly have in one year’s time.

Those are the goals that we are going to try to accomplish for you and with you during The Last Year Of Your Life. This is what our empowerment coaching will help you achieve.

So how do you set out to have the most fun year of your life? Well, simply stated, it is a mindset.

You have to decide that this is going to be the most fun year that you have ever had in your life,
and you arrange your schedule, and you plan out the things that you do during the year so that you make that happen. You plan how to live life to the fullest.

For example, you may have seen all the free videos I made to answer people’s questions about The Last Year Of Your Life experience, and to include some of my self-improvement tips.
Well, I shot all those videos while I was on a vacation/business trip on the gorgeous island of Kauai. I planned it out so that I would go there on a vacation,
shoot the videos for the marketing and promotion of The Last Year Of Your Life, and sell some butter too. (You may know that I am a world famous gourmet butter purveyor.)

And it worked out perfectly. By the end of that trip I had a new butter client (the entire St. Regis Princeville Resort not bad!) as well as all my promo videos, and got to spend 7 days swimming in the gorgeous warm waters of Hanalei Bay, HI.
That is my idea of a great time. Swimming in the ocean and vacationing in world class resorts is just fine with me anytime I can get it!

So I turned the best most fun vacation into a profit center as well. Taking part in our Executive life coaching can do that for you too.

And that is what you do in The Last Year Of Your Life.

You decide that you are going to live your life with a mind towards planning out fun things, and then it’s just a matter of the details. You live the benefits of empowerment.

Because unless you plan these things out, they willl not happen.
Having the best and most fun year of your entire life does not happen by accident.
Having the best and most fun year of your life is something that you have to create for yourself.

I have been Living The Last Year of Your Life for the past three years now and it has been the most incredible experience in my life.
I know that you’ll get a lot out of it too, and I want you to do it because in The Last Year of Your Life, anything is possible.

Clint Arthur is the author and program leader of The Last Year Of Your Life a 52-week self empowerment and life purpose coaching experience.
Participants live as if they only have 52 weeks left to live.
This gives a sense of urgency and power to stop procrastinating and see self improvement and motivation levels soar.
Empower your life and start living life to fullest possible. offers free video, audio, and written training materials. Anything is Possible.

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