The New Structure of School Improvement

Self renewing schools where students and staff are involved in ongoing inquiry has long since been an ideal in education. However, this goal has not proved readily achievable. The authors of this book regard this as a challenge which can be confronted positively, believing that enough knowledge exists to develop a fresh structure of school improvement – and one which is likely to succeed. The book draws upon the considerable body of research on successful and unsuccessful school improvement programs to generate a practical strategy for school improvement that can be used by schools, school districts and local education authorities, and policymakers with a high probability of success. The heart of the strategy is an inquiry process centered on the continuous study of student learning and the creation and study of initiatives to enhance student achievement in academic, personal and social domains. The school as a workplace is altered dramatically with the inclusion of time for study, continuous staff development and the organisation of a governance structure which includes school staff, parents, community agencies, business partners and local district or education authority personnel. This timely and important book is vital reading for anyone with an interest in improving schools and the quality of education today.

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