The Just-In-Time Self Test: Success Through Assessment and Implementation

The Just-In-Time Self Test brings together the overall concepts, techniques, and formats contained in the most current JIT publications. It provides a simple method of testing JIT performance, and offers easy-to-follow guidelines to help any organization identify their operational shortcomings. The Just-In-Time Self Test is presented in clear, understandable language so supervisors, front-line workers, and even those without JIT experience can select which JIT self-evaluation is appropriate by identifying the type of manufacturing environment their operation most closely resembles; compare current operating results and actions to expert-based just-in-time performance models and to other companies that are implementing or planning to implement JIT; focus on and overcome operational shortcomings highlighted by the self test with strategies, hints, rules, and tools for improvement; and build a preliminary JIT implementation plan, and organize and manage a JIT project team using sample plans, techniques, and formats. The Just-In-Time Self Test is perfect for organizations experimenting with shop-floor improvements who plan to expand the process companywide or for firms that are implementing JIT from the top down. Either way, The Just-In-Time Self Test can accelerate the pace of improvement by helping companies determine individually which techniques and approaches offer the greatest probability of success.

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