Quality Enhancement in Developmental Disabilities: Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing World

As person-centered services and supports become more prevalent, people with disabilities are enjoying more choices and opportunities–making it challenging to ensure the quality of every service offered. This timely book helps meet that challenge. Diverse contributors, including researchers, care providers, policy-makers, self-advocates, and family members, combine their expertise to help readers- understand the changing expectations of people with disabilities and their families–and the resulting challenges to quality enhancement- clarify the roles of Medicaid and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services- address health and safety issues, including investigation of abuse, neglect, and death- design databases that track outcomes and target areas for service improvement- translate information into reliable quality enhancement approaches- manage staffing challenges like recruitment, retention, and professional developmentBuilding on Bradley & Bersani’s Quality Assurance for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities, this important resource clarifies the shift toward self-determination and individually tailored supports–and shows professionals in the human services filed how to enhance service quality in this rapidly changing world.

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