Indoor Standard Vent Tankless Water Heater

NR66 Collection 6.6 GPM Indoor (Standard Vent) (Item doesnt ship to California due to Low Nox regulations) The NR66-SV-LP is the perfect small residential, apartment and condominium hot water solution. Ideal for applications with up to 2 showers, this indoor/outdoor model requires little added venting components and its durable polyester coated steel casing helps it endure the elements and look great. This liquid propane tankless water heater comes with a fully modulating dual flame burner, safety lock-out, and automatic air regulator in place to make certain that you not only have sufficient hot water but that its temperature is always just the way you like it. Tankless Water Heater: A major improvement to the standard tank style water heaters, the NR66 series tankless water heater packs a lot of power in a small package. Attach your standard vent unit to Noritzs stainless steel N-Vent system to ensure proper ventilation and a clean lasting look. The compact and efficient Noritz NR66 saves space, energy and water while delivering endless hot water for small residential applications. All of this functionality and efficiency are seamlessly controlled by a self-diagnostic computer system, ensuring the safety of your home and that there is always perfect non-varying hot water for you to enjoy Features: Liquid propane tankless hot water heater High performance single flame burner Thermal efficiency: 83% Turbo flow: Up to 6.6 GPM @ 35 degree Fahrenheit temperature rise Resin coated PC board for protection and durability Automatic air regulator maximizes efficiency Overheat and freeze protection systems installed PVC cannot be used for venting purposes. Includes anchoring screws and power cord Introducing the latest advancements in tankless water heater technology for your home, Noritz tankless hot water heaters are both eco-friendly and energy efficient, providing savings up to 40% in utility costs. Their gas water heaters warm water on demand, which means youll always h

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