One great way to improve your basis of knowledge is to learn a foreign language. However, it is important to realize that mastering a foreign language offers more than just educational benefits. For example, you will have access to new jobs and relationships.

When you can speak and understand a new language, it completely broadens your horizons. Additionally, if you choose to learn Spanish abroad, this experience will also give you the ability to immerse yourself in a new culture.

Spanish language schools in South America are increasing in popularity because they are a bargain, especially when compared to college tuition. Typically, about $ 400 per week will provide you with housing, food and about 20 hours per week of instruction. Additionally, the classes are in small groups that range from 4-7 people. Three to four weeks of immersion language school is equal to an entire college semester.

Of course, once you have attained Spanish proficiency, there are many benefits waiting. First of all, there is definitely the opportunity for more personal relationships. If you can’t speak Spanish, you obviously could be missing out on meaningful relationships with many people. After all, there are an estimated 150-300 million people in the world speak Spanish. Who knows perhaps your future husband or wife will be from Latin America?

When you learn Spanish abroad, you will meet people from around the world. In fact, you will be mingling with people of various ages and different professions. For example, you could be in a class with a college student from Brazil, a journalist from Switzerland, an Australian professor, and an American premed student. Typically the student breakdown is about 40% North Americans, 30% Brazilians. About 30% of participants will be from other countries including Europe, Asia, and Australia. Most people find it to be very exciting to spend time with people from so many difficult cultural backgrounds.

Attending Spanish school in Latin American can also provide you with new employment opportunities that you would previously have not thought possible. The ability to speak Spanish is a benefit to a wide variety of jobs. When you include on your resume that you speak this language, employers will quickly notice that you have a valuable skill set that will easily set you ahead of other candidates.

There is a distinct cultural benefit to be gained from truly understanding a new culture, not just as a tourist. When you study Spanish abroad, they also make lifelong friends, similar to what they would gain in college. This experience can transform your life and open to door to new possibilities.

Latin Immersion provides Spanish immersion schools instruction in Latin America. You can learn Spanish abroad in programs from two to over 20 weeks. For more details:

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