When I watch my young grandchildren not only do I see their bodies changing but they are growing in their awareness of what is around them and of themselves. They have a curiosity and zest for life that is a pleasure to be part of.

What has happened to many of us by the time we reach our second half of life? Life may have become predictable and, dare I say, rather routine and dull at the same time. We do what we have made our commitments to and do that well. Then out of nowhere comes this little voice that starts questioning if that is all there is to life. This is the Second Act wake up call. It happens to all of us and is part of the normal developmental stage of maturing. It is nature’s way of jolting us into recharging our lives.

This jolt gives us another opportunity to figure out what gives meaning to our lives, decide how we want to live our lives, and then go about making it happen. My first jolt came when I was nearing fifty and the next one came more gradually around sixty. We all hear that inner voice but we don’t all heed it. The people who do not heed it settle for a life that is less than it could be. They have rationalized this self growth push away with self limiting talk. They only see the obstacles to growing themselves and their fear of change keeps them stuck in a life that does not give them the joy they deserve.

In order to experience Second Act Success it is up to each individual to make it happen for themselves. It means learning to let go of habits that don’t serve us well and substituting ones that are empowering. Figuring out what path we want our life to follow and then taking action to make it happen. Maturity also brings the understanding that it is the journey that is worth pursuing. People in their second half of life understand that the journey they are on is to create inner happiness and have meaningful relationships.

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