It says regarding Noah that he brought the animals to the ark in couples. But there are things which come in triples, like Self-Awareness, Self-Improvement and Self-Empowerment. The three go hand in hand (sort of a couple). The longer you tread the correct path, these 3 can unite and become ONE.

No wonder all these three concepts begin with SELF. No-one will tread the trail for you. You are accountable to doing “the work”, to tread the triple path.

These are “smart news”. There will be no Self-Empowerment while not Self-Improvement, and not one of the two while not Self-Awareness. One ends up in the other and feed each other at the same time. Thus, the minute you embark on the trail to any of the 3, you are actually embarking on the trail to any or all 3 together.

What’s Self-Awareness?

This is a journey to your inner-self; getting to understand and understand yourself higher; being honest and true relating to who you’re, how you handle your life, how you sabotage yourself and your relationships, how you limit and imprison yourself. It’s realizing that factors have an effect on your emotions, attitudes, reactions and behaviours throughout your life.

What’s Self-Improvement?

It’s taking the mandatory steps to de-activate the role different factors have exerted over you and prevented you from being “who you really are”. It is a process of “changing into a higher person” in the means you understand yourself and in the ways in which you motivate yourself to “do better” in your life (“doing higher” in line with your definition of its meaning).

What’s Self-Empowerment?

It’s your ability to support yourself to try and do stuff you haven’t had the courage to do before; it’s becoming additional assertive; it’s having a clearer vision of where you would like to travel (professionally and personally); how you want to urge there; that ways in which you intend to apply so as to succeed and to change whatever you feel desires change.

As you walk this triple path you get nearer and closer to changing into whole. In bit with yourself, your needs, fears and wishes, strengths with weaknesses. You expand your authenticity, your ability to talk out your mind, do what feels right for you and not do what doesn’t feel right (which others want you to try and do).

The triple SELF is really one whole

What’s extremely nice about this method of getting nearer to “yourSELF”, is that the minute you embark on the journey to Self-Awareness, Self-Improvement or Self-Empowerment – you have got begun a process of improving who you’re and therefore the life you have. This will no doubt empower you to possess higher personal and skilled interactions.

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