The only real way to improve your self-esteem is to take consistent action. The more you do, the further you get and the more you learn. I’m sure you have heard the phrase “knowledge is power”, and this to some extent is true. The more you know then yes you will feel more confident. However, there is a more powerful way to use this phrase, “Using the knowledge and taking action is power”.
Here are five ways to boost your knowledge and ability to take action.
1. Shift your focus and become the expert on what you want. Claim the position and learn what you can about what it is that you want. Do not fall in to the trap of just having the knowledge, use it as well.
2. Learn to enjoy making decisions. Just remember every decision you make builds your character. A decision should always give relief and happiness. The more decisions you make the more you understand that you learn each time and it is always a positive experience.
3. Practice telling the story about your three greatest successes. Recognise what you have done really well in your life and turn the situation into an interesting and inspiring story to share with others. Been seen as the expert in your field.
4. Understand what you admire in another person. Do not just look at someone and go “wow I wish I was more like them”. Actually understand what specific detail about that person you want to have. Once identified you can then build that trait into your own persona.
5. Have fun. You only get one chance at life so enjoy the ride. Push yourself and enjoy every moment. Do not life by fear and be afraid to step up to do what you want.
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Felix Nutter
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To get more confidence, self-esteem and anxiety tips, visit to learn more about how to take control of your life

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