“You are what you wear” is a popular cliché especially in the world of fashion. Although being in style seems to be on top priority for most men and women these days, still, there are some individuals who stick to wearing with what is comfortable rather than with what is already “in”.

Here are some tips on how to look well groomed before putting on those fine clothes.  Remember, dressing better is not just about the kind of clothes that you wear but also your overall appearance once you put on the outfit. Looking good in a crowd can help you develop more self-esteem.

The very first thing that one must consider in order to look great is by grooming oneself. Before heading to your favorite shop and get the best special occasion dresses, take time to clean yourself aside from just taking the usual showers. If necessary, take time off to shape your eyebrows or you can consider visiting a professional salon first and let them do the magic. Never shave your eyebrows because shaving will only make them grow faster and thicker.

Second, make your nails look more beautiful. Get manicure treatments to remove dead skin cells as well as the rough edges in your hands which could possibly turn off other people the moment you make hand shakes. As much as possible keep your nails trimmed and clean at all times.

Third, notice your hair. Do not hesitate to cough up a few dollars for a new haircut especially if you are invited to a black bow tie event.  Guests in this kind of gathering are expected to be in their special occasion dresses and men are most likely to be in their classic and elegant attire. Before leaving the house, make sure that your hair goes with the outfit. Most people get turned off with individuals who have incorrigible hair. As the hair experts suggest, get hair cuts once every five weeks.

Fourth, wear the right cologne. As much as possible try using the light scented brands. Be careful not to pour too much cologne or use colognes with strong scents if you don’t want to drive away others.

And lastly, secure the best outfit that will match your style as well as with the occasion. Try to mix and match accessories to look more glamorous but never overdo things. If preferred, get the outfit that will make you feel comfortable. Always bear in mind that looking good and feeling great must come together in order to come up with a perfect look.

Looking good is not just about having the perfect set of outfit at all times. That is why you do not need loads of stuff in your closet. Sort out all your clothes and put away those that are no longer needed. Most men and women these days tend to keep outdated and unnecessary stuffs in their closet which is simply not healthy. Select the best special occasion dresses as well as the performance wear that you will need. Maintain your closet with a good number of basic clothes such as shirts, pants, shoes and accessories like belts, ties, watches and jewelry and get rid of the unnecessary ones. For the men, Make sure you have at least one crisp, white, high quality cotton shirt which you can wear with or without a tie. Have at least three pairs of pants – a pair of dress pants, a pair of khakis, and a pair of blue jeans.

Being conscious of what I wear and how I present myself to people is important to me. I want to be in the Fashion Spotlight with my formal wear, performance apparel, and choral dresses. Formal Fashions Inc. offers formal wear for men, women and children. They also have performance accessories to make you look even better.

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