The time people spend at work is the major portion of their lives; hence, it is better to find the job that will be truly rewarding and will still leave some time for self-improvement. It is a great mistake to think that work and life are not connected, so there is no space for the personality during work, and there is no place for work during the relaxation time. It is hard to agree for the majority of people, but nevertheless it is true peoples life quality fully depends on the type of work they do and the way they arrange it. Consequently, one should pay particular attention to arranging the work in such a way so that it would not harm the usual life, and to arrange the personal recreational activities so that they would benefit in his/her career.

Managing Life and Career Proportionally and Constructively.

1.The initial note made by the majority of observers that the work should represent a comparatively short commute for the individual. Spending long hours in the public transport or in ones car on the way to work and them from it makes the work not a pleasure but a burden and prevents the individual from having more time with friends and family.

2.One should never choose the work he or she cannot handle. The fact is that sound challenges make the work interesting and involving; however, in case the workflow is hard or impossible to manage, one will surely get a powerful stress that will reduce performance and commitment. This stress will be inevitably reflected in the personal life of the individual, creating problems with spouses and making relationships and communication complicated.

3.Finally, working in place where ones friends work is also relaxing one can await help, support and understanding not only at home but at work as well.

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